Where attention goes, energy flows… but can you direct your attention by your thoughts?

I’ve read somewhere that we live in the age of attention. Everyone fights for your attention, and you have little or no control… unless you can control your attention.

How much control do you have over your attention?

Why is that important?

Two reasons:

1. where attention goes, energy flows. But… as you’ll find out, not all attention is equal…
2. While you are “paying” attention to one thing, you are ignoring everything else.

Attention is a single pointed arrow… it is not very wide cone either.

Your cone of vision is already narrow… why? Because fear, wrong, desire all narrow it… automatically.
Fear, wrong, and desire also urges you to fix what seems to be threatening you… by avoiding it, or by doing something drastic to it.

What happens when you see something that seems to be threatening you? Essentially what happens is that you take that

I want I want I want… holiday weeks malady

I want this to be different than it is
I want to feel different than I am feeling
I want to be treated differently than I am being treated
I want to have more money
I want to do more interesting things
I want to have some skills
I want I want I want

What is underneath that wanting?
For one, a sky high desire number. Maybe even a desire trap. Coupled with a low, weak, tepid ambition number.

Holiday times are especially trapping… I can even feel it myself.
Desire, by its unrealistic nature, robs you of the energy to bring what you desire about.
Why? How?
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