How Do You Prove To Your Mind That The Feelings Of Global Negativity Are Not Your Feelings?

I have been talking about the Global Transmission of Negativity for days, but I only realized today that I forgot to tell you about a method that convinces your mind that the feeling isn’t yours.

Why is this important? Why is it necessary to tell the mind it is not your feeling?

Because if the mind believes that it is yours, then it does two things, that you don’t need:

1. It finds or fabricates a reason you feel that way… failure, sad, grief-stricken, angry, irritated, etc.
2. It makes you react to those feelings in your default way.

Proving to your mind that the feelings are not yours is much easier than changing your default reaction.

Your default reactions got you where you are today in life, and if you don’t like it, or don’t like anything about it, you need to consider alternative ways of being.

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Attitude in relation to yourself: your self-esteem

Summary: Attitude: the most potent invisible builder or invisible destroyer of your life, of your dreams, of your results, of your relationships. It is invisible to you, but glaringly obvious to others. Isn’t it time you took an inventory and start changing your attitudes, one by one.As an Expanding Human Being, I study. A lot. I study books, movies, people, myself. Sometimes there is no rhyme and reason in my studying, and sometimes, like now, there is.
I have recently found a teacher who teaches people how to become an expert and market themselves as such, online.

Most people that learn from this guy are already experts at some things, but… It is one thing to be an expert, and another to be perceived as an expert. People go by their perception, not by the fact, in reality, people have no idea what they see, only what they perceive.

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What is Stress? How Do You Deal With It? A Tree Of Life look at Stress… quite enlightening

People complain of stress.

I am normally not experiencing stress, but the last few days I have been.

My response to them was tightening up, playing freecell, working more, or not working at all.

Today, at a connection call, stress came up and I asked: what causes stress? People said all kinds of things, circumstances, disease, etc…

I said: None of that. What causes stress is your resistance to life, to how it is.

Whatever you resist or ignore, like a little kid, will get your attention, whatever it takes. And it is going to cost you. Your freedom, your perspective, your peace of mind.

The best way I can illustrate this is with three pictures:

Picture one: you are attending (lovingly) the “issue” and you are able to do anything, while you never ignore the “issue”, lovingly whisper to it “I am not going anywhere…”

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Commerce is king… and you are a peon, or maybe a rook.

Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis handing out a sentence to an old bank robber
’30 years’
‘Your honor, I’m 75 years old, I don’t have 30 years to serve’
‘Then do the best you can’
This joke pretty accurately summarizes our lives.

The odds are not on our sides to live out our lives fully.

I could say ‘by design’, but that would not be accurate.

What the heck am I talking about? About the conflict between you and commerce…
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Why do you need humility to learn anything? Skills, habits

Learning is humbling. Especially humbling is learning about yourself, and learning about your need to change.

You have a Precious ‘I’. Whether you believe it or not, whether you know it or not, the precious ‘I’ is in every single person.

And your precious I wants to have and retain the self-image unchanged, the self-image that says you know everything. That you are the center of the Universe. You are special. And it wants to keep the self-image where it is superior. Where you are, therefore, OK.

It considers anything and everything less that that ‘not OK’, and it fights it.
It is easier to see it on others than on yourself.
Every learning means, logically, that you didn’t know something.

For example, you don’t know and therefore you can’t tell if your cells are dehydrated or not. You can’t tell if you have DNA capacities