How To Muscle Test Yourself: Getting To The Truth

Muscle Testing Yourself accurately… the truth method of applied kinesiology

OK, I’ll tell the truth: muscle testing on yourself is easy, but muscle testing about yourself is not so much.

I teach the art and science of muscle testing in the muscle testing course, because this is the best tool ever to know things to do and not to do, to pick supplements, to do the right thing, for you.

But it is not easy, and I have never known anyone who does it right, or can teach it to others. Without the proper guidance you have a gun that fires all at the wrong time… misleading you.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Quoting from Rob Brezsny:
In the nights to come, I expect you will dream of creatures like fiery monsters, robot warriors, extraterrestrial ghosts, and zombie vampires. But here’s the weird twist: They will be your helpers and friends. They will protect you and fight on your behalf as you defeat your real enemies, who are smiling pretenders wearing white hats. Dreams like this will prepare you well for events in your waking life, where you will get the chance to gain an advantage over fake nice guys who have hurt you or thwarted you.

I am a rough and tumble Hungarian/Israeli/New Yorker.

Most people, especially in the South, California, Canada, and Australia, people think I am a little too rough, to straight forward, bordering on rude and arrogant.

I am your fiery monster from the above quote. I fight on your side, I fight on your behalf.

Your real enemies are the white robed, white hat

A house divided against itself cannot stand

A house divided against itself cannot stand, said Abraham Lincoln, invoking a biblical truth.

Congruence = agreement or harmony; compatibility. Congruent = in agreement or harmony.

Pretense, lying, you and your actions not saying the same thing leads to no success.

An inner division, lack of integrity, lack of authenticity is the main reason you are not successful, because your energies are divided and fight against each other, instead of using that same energy to get things done. To accomplish. To produce.

Criminals are happier than you. Hitmen are happier than you.
You need to decide who you are… and stick with your decision. In words and in action.

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Breakthrough In HOE (Heaven on Earth) Bach Flower Energies Delivery

I had a breakthrough in the delivery method of the Heaven on Earth.

I am testing it, and sending out a few samples to test by students.

Read more about it on my healing blog,

I will post the test results in this same post, so check back in about a week.
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Healing, Curing, Self-Healing… a case study and a half

I just hung up with my friend. He sounded week…

Turns out he spent the past week in bed, has fever, and seems to have a systemic infection.

I, of course, volunteered to look around, see what I see, and do some healing work if I can.

He has a bacterial infection, a food carried bacteria, food poisoning, specifically he ate salad in a restaurant on his trip to Georgia the week before.

The doctor gave him a wide spectrum antibiotic.

The cause of weakness, and discomfort is now from the excretion of the bacteria.

Bacteria makes you ill by its byproduct… this bacteria seems to have a nerve toxin as a byproduct: my friend’s whole right side is shutting down, his right arm is already starting to be numb.

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