What it is that you do that keeps you from the light

I finally figured out what it is that attracts me to certain novels, certain movies, certain TV series… and repels me from others. What it is that I am muscletesting.

I am looking for goodness.
But goodness only exists in contrast.
So only the books qualify where the main character has both good and bad and in the struggle, the good wins… Also where the evil is strong, the pull to give up or to give in is strong.

As the Kabbalists say: only if and when you overcome the Opponent that you are good… for the moment.
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Does it look hopeless? To have fulfillment, and a life worth living?

Part 1: The Question

I just got off a call with my friend, Alex. This call was about starting a business that can make money for me… I asked him to coach me about 10 days ago, and we’ve spoken already a few times.

I am not paying him with money: money comes and goes. Instead I pay him with a currency that will pay him dividends over and over: I ask him to do what he is helping me to do: start a business that can make money for him for a long time.

He is making a living, but building a business is more than just making a living: it is exciting.

So today’s call was a brainstorming question about his business to decide what kind of business he wants to build.

I was full of questions that I didn’t think of asking myself. Some questions were old, like:

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: The Wipetheslateclean® Energy And The New Method Of Activation

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

It’s a great sentence from Spiderman. I loved it. But I never thought it would say anything direct to me, not in a million years. I didn’t have great powers.

Until about two weeks ago.

Suddenly every time I was to infuse Source energies into water or remedy mix, I would have this intense pain in my chest, that I identified as Mimulus: fear.

It would even prevent me from connecting to Source on a level where I can make commands… I would have to meditate for long minutes before it would let me go past it… Of course Heaven on Earth works fast too.

The action that precipitated this big wave of fear was the creation of the WipeTheSlateClean® energy.

Coming Clean

Now, here it is that I need to come clean: Every activation that we did before that time was good, was wonderful, but it was time consuming and the activatio

What is your Rosebud? What would YOU miss if you had to go?

I had this weird question this morning: what would I miss if I were ‘torn’ away from ‘home’?

I would miss playing Freecell. Maybe I would miss my first cup of tea in the morning. I would miss writing an article. I would miss talking to you.

Citizen Kane missed being young. Sliding down the hill on his sled… the rush of the slide, the freedom of winter, the yelling…

When I look back, leaving a country is a lot like that.
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I had an “interesting” and terrifying experience this past week or two. My brain was taken over…

It started two weeks ago with not having a book to read. So I went back to watching Netflix movies.

I didn’t see that anything I can do will make a difference (yes, me! lol) so passing my time doing something that won’t matter was the “best” choice.

I picked a series called “Chuck” to watch. The series is about a guy who downloads the entire database of the CIA to his brain, and he can access it through flashing: i.e. when he sees something or someone that triggers a “search-found” result in that database.

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