Transformation is an interesting phenomenon. In transformation what seems to change is what we perceive, not us.An example of a transformation caused by a simple sentence.You are in your office that is equipped with vertical blinds on the windows. You are sitting at your desk, staring at the vertical blind, and feel caged in, cut off from the world. You have no idea what the weather is like, you don’t know if it is sunny or rainy. You are miserable.Someone suggests that you step on step to the left. And suddenly, between the slats of the blinds, you can see clear blue sky with tiny white clouds and you rejoice.The shutoff feeling is gone, and you are restored to happiness.This is transformation. You identified the cause of your distress and made a tiny move to see something different.Another transformational move is framing.Same office, same blinds, same gloomy caged move. You are thinking of your life, and how it is screwed up. But suddenly someone comes in


… as in theta brain wave… There is a state we call theta where the brain generates a very slow 4-9 cycles a second wave. This is the state of reverie, a half awake state, the state in which we are most susceptible to hypnotic suggestions. It is also the wave at which we can connect to the Source, which is through all and is everywhere, even in vacuum. The Tangerine Method effectively puts you in this state in seconds.

We also call Source The Creator, The Creator of all that is, God
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Soul Correction: what is it? what if you don’t know it? what if you don’t do it?

Soul Correction: a never ending job…

Ever since last June Source and the Soul have been pressuring me to move. Just move… Where to?

Madness, if you want to know! After all I have a local business, and moving puts you out of business. I have done that and it’s bad. Going from comfortable income to no income… Noooo!

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A Half Truth is Still a Whole Lie

A Half Truth is Still a Whole Lie (Yiddish Proverb)

I don’t do this often. But today of all days I watched two videos, a total of about two hours… both on super consciousness.

The most important takeaway I had is the Yiddish proverb, that a half truth is still a whole lie.

So, what does that really mean? If someone’s vibration, or the truth level of their teaching is, let’s be generous, 250… should you follow that person? Should you make that person your spiritual guide?

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