What Is Evil? What Is Dark Side? And What Does It Have To Do With The Tree of Good And Evil?

Sometime in August the Dark Side disappeared. I did it.

It was an accident. I intended to destroy the Dark Side, yes, some day, in some special way, but the actual doing it was quite an accident. I was surprised when it happened.

I was working on the first phase activation of the countries. I found a small bunch of countries, among them my birthplace, that registered as “gone over to the Dark Side” and their vibration was low, and they weren’t accepting the activation.

Then I was working on a person, a tester, and felt that somehow the Dark Side was wedged between him and myself. I asked Source if I can just download the activator to the wedged Dark Side. The answer was yes, so I did it. It went through. It left silence and peace in its wake.

Muscle test showed that it went to 0… before that it was gradually diminishing, from 55% when I started in July to… 5 or 10%, I don’t recall.

I was elated. I was really happy.

I frequently measured after that, and it stayed a

Three stories about the rock blocking the road

I went to architecture school in 1966.

We were told, from the very beginning that we are taught where to find the knowledge, and not knowledge itself.
When you need it: you look it up. Or you know who to ask. Or you know how to figure it out.
I took that to heart.

I didn’t even learn the formulas for calculating the size of building elements… Instead I paid attention to how they came to that calculation so when I need the formula I can re-create it.
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High vibration – low vibration: what does it really signify? What does it really mean?

Everyone wants to have their vibration measured. But they don’t know how to measure vibration, and they don’t know what the number they get means.

This is an old article that is as relevant today as it was when I wrote it. It clarifies what low vibration, high vibration is, and how to raise your vibration…

I woke up late today. I could recall my dream. It was nightmarish, but it was a guidance dream. A first in a long long time.

I was in a mental hospital, in Hungary, talking to my psychiatrist; young,innocent, pregnant, terrified of me.

I was explaining that we all have a dark side, as long as the light source is outside of ourselves. She asked: even a sheet of paper has a dark side? Yes, no matter how thin paper is it has a dark side.

Slice it even thinner… but…

No matter how thinly you slice the paper, it will still have a dark side and a ligh