Vibrational review: A Course in Miracles

Vibrational review: A Course in Miracles

People swear by it. Then I look at the people. Their results, their attitude in life. and I wonder.
So finally I decided to muscle test its vibrational frequency.
It’s 250. (Truth value of the Course of Miracles: 10%… higher than the New Testament, which is 3%)

It won’t raise your vibration.

Let me measure your vibration?
Click on the link to request a vibrational reading…
The Map of Consciousness will show you what it means.

Still heading down the wrong road, even after I pulled your attachments?

This article closely relates to the soul correction articles AND the attachments, cords articles.

Oftentimes a difficult case is what leads researchers to new insights. This exactly how it happened today… I had a client who, periodically, has serious heart symptoms, even though physically there is nothing wrong with his heart.

For a while, whenever I muscle tested people for attachments, even after the removal of the attachments, the muscle test answer was yes/no. The fingers opened but only a little bit. Yes and no… Maddening, lol.

I clarified it with Source, that it means: there are some things like attachments on the person, but not exactly attachments. Something else, but close.

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I there any truth in the ‘law of attraction’?

I read someone’s email this morning and in it the dude says: It is important to bet on the person and not on the deal

Why? Because deals are a dime a dozen

So, he says, it is import to bet on the process no on the result… not on the pot of gold.

And if there is a person going to do the process… hell, you should bet on the person first and only if you deem you should, only then bet on the process.

It is the classic example of not putting the cart in front the horse…

But, alas, knowing what to bet on and in what order requires a little bit of thinking.
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I had a few interesting client interactions today plus epigenetics

I have gleaned quite come new information about people who become my clients.
–Client #1: energy teacher, practitioner.
Has been paying me for years to do work on him. This time I did work on him, on his ex, and am waiting for payment to work on some of his associates.

It doesn’t even occur to him to work on being a co-creator: he is either believing in my power to do it for him, or he doesn’t believe in it…

My hunch is that he, secretly, knows that what he does is ineffective, and by the same token he is sure, secretly, that what I do is ineffective.

Reminds me of money gurus, or law of attraction gurus: big boys club support each other: each benefit equally by throwing dust in the unsuspecting “plebs” eyes.

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