Your life-success score is low… how do you raise it?

Your starting point measurements tell me the whole story that you are.
And the picture of putting all those starting point measurements also tells me how humanity as a whole is doing.

Pitiful. But why?

Most people think that what they do when they are at their best, when they go to church in their best church-going outfit, is who they are.

Or the all smiles pictures they post on social media.

What you do, who you are, what you listen to 90% of the time gives you the
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Followup on the “how to model yourself after successful people” articles

If you haven’t read the articles, here are the links: your success score article and the modeling article from earlier today

I watched the 1995 movie Babe again this afternoon. I wept… again. I was deeply moved. By what, you ask?

Question: did you watch this movie? Did you stop to learn something?
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