I have been toying with the idea of teaching the Effortless Abundance Course…

I have been toying, playing with the idea of teaching the Effortless Abundance Course…

What has been blocking me is the kinds of people who want it.

You see effortless is a lie… although efforting, per se, is unnecessary.

Efforting is a concept. But doing things, learning things, unlearning things, is sometimes hard work. And for most people, who are attracted to the Effortless Abundance idea, work is a dirty word.
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We all have multiple personalities… How does your delusional self impact your life?

We all have at least two distinct and recognizable selves that we switch back and forth between.

In this article we’ll look at intelligence, but we could also look at the character, the attitude, the moral fortitude of the selves… but because I look at the world through the frame of smart and stupid, and only secondarily through loyal/disloyal, I’ll write this article on the intelligence level of your two selves.

Now, let me start with a statement: there is nothing wrong with being stupid. As long as you know and embrace that you are stupid.
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The followup to the Weight Destroyer program: from 50% to 70% truth value

The cable tech guy spent two and a half hours at my place, replaced everything, and then realized that it was another tech that came and disconnected my account, on the pole, yesterday. My account instead of the empty apartment downstairs.

I was tempted to get angry, after all what a waste of time, but then I thought better.

In the almost 24-hour long downtime I finally finished the pdf I promised you if you bought the Weight Destroyer program… so now I can give it to you, and maybe even do a call-in: that is if there are enough takers. I will give you the book that will raise the truth value of the Weight Destroyer to 70%. It’s really high. Most things sold on weight, health, money… anything really, are mostly under 10% truth value, so 70% is like god is talking to you directly… lol.

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Case Study #5: The Kabbalah Centre

In this article I intend to show that all man-made disciplines separate you from the Creator. This is true for Kabbalah as well. Though I love Kabbalah, and can thank a lot to it… if delivers itself as a go-between, that reduces the risk of the Original Design.
Seven years ago, right after my incident with the free holosync cd, my friend Nancy called me to join her at Barnes and Noble.

When Nancy calls I jump. She has never driven me astray.

Turned out she found a book, The 72 Names Of God, that I found fascinating. I went home and ordered it online, and checked out the Kabbalah Centre’s website.

Later that week an Israeli guy with heavy accent called me from the Centre and suggested that I buy the 23 volume book, The Zohar, for what it can do to me: protect me from harm.

I ordered the book in payments, remember I was still not working because of my brain damage.

How do you energize your environment, how do you energize yourself?

I have a habit of looking at what people search for to get to my site.

One of the questions that people ask for is how to energize their environment. I could have guessed that from the number of people that are using all the trivortex and other gadgets… (and after my article are now getting rid of them…)

The Energizer audio is a simple audio recording of myself while I am downloading the Energizer energy. Because the energy works through the audio as well, the audio energizes whatever is around the audio waves, whatever is touched by the audio waves, water, your water-containing body, beverages, fruits and vegetables, your pets, and your environment.

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