Soul Correction: The Big Picture

Soul Correction: The Big Picture

Your cone of vision is so narrow, that you cannot even see that you are not your mind, that you are not your ego, that you are not your body, that you are not your past, that you are not your desires.

In that narrow beam of a pen-light every moment you are somebody different, identifying with a different aspect of you… and there is no YOU… You have no core, you have no substance, you are just a pen light…

We all live as if we could see reality, but we are wrong. We walk around with a narrow cone of vision, never considering the environment, the context, other people’s life, thoughts, history, emotions, we walk around if there were no one else but us, nothing else but what we see.

Everything that is outside of the narrow cone of vision that we actually see, is black and white and all shades of gray: no color. We have no details, and we never look there.

We can’t see the forest for the trees, we never see cause and effect, and we nev

The Dark Side… is there a Dark Side? and if there is… what is it?

In my view, there is no god, there are no angels, entities, and such. There is also no devil, no hell, no heaven, no afterlife.

But, because humans even on this level of evolution where we are, can create stuff with their thoughts… gods and angels and entities and other stuff.

So at this point (it may change in the future if research and experiments reveal stuff I am not seeing now) my theory is that there is Dark Side and it is created by humans. It’s all thoughts.

Now, with that said, where does it come from what I say, that the voices you hear in your head are the Dark Side? Or the memes…

Because I say that.

So, what do I consider Dark Side?
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Check your premises… if the world view is at odds with reality, your vibration will be low

Check your premises… or what does truth value have to do with your world view?

There are lots of good books, good talks, good emails, good articles floating around. Really.

What they share, what is in common with all of those is that their truth value is low. Tai’s excellent email from today on toughening up has a 20% truth value.

You get a stomach ache from the thought that what you have been reading, studying as the truth has such low truth value. Good book, good article, good whatever… low truth value?
What the f… is it about?

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