If fear rules you and your life… Here is a strategy to reclaim your self and your life

Most people, to one degree or another, are ruled by fear. Most of that fear is fear of nothing-in-particular, just fear. And some of that fear is being afraid of getting hurt, of being laughed at, of looking foolish, of making a mistake, of losing face.

But fear is fear, and on the horizontal plane, for the horizontal self, there is nothing more important than to listen to the fear and avoid doing anything that awakens fear.

Result: your life is stagnant, your self-respect is disappearing, and you shrink, and shrink. It doesn’t feel good.
Fear is getting stronger, and you are getting weaker.

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You have abilities, you have power. You can use it… Guess how much of your power you use?

You have some capacities. Capacities are potentials… Abilities are actualities.

You can activate capacities, you can use them and turn them into epigenetic shifts: abilities, that can be inherited…

The more abilities you have the more power you have.

Power is what it takes to say A and make it happen. Not over some people, but over yourself, over matter.

The way you live, the number of challenges you set for yourself will tell you how much of the power you have you actually use…

Recently I discovered about myself that I want someone to hold my hand to do the things I am not sure how to do. Like in first grade the teacher drew the letters using my hand. But I realized that unless I do it myself, I never learn.

I also realized that I actually know how to do the things I wanted to be helped to do, I just didn’t have the self-starter mentality… Once I realiz

Are you living to survive or are you in a quest for a life worth living? Who are your guides?

Are you living to survive or are you in a quest for a life worth living? Who are your guides?

This article is about guidance. Not about how you find it, but who to listen to. How to pick your guides… Who to listen to, what to listen to.

What gives you your life depends more on the people you listen to than anything else.

If you want to find out where your life is heading, look closely at the different aspects of your closest guides, TV, gurus, emails, books, movies, friends, co-workers (gossip) and make a note how they live in the main areas of life: fulfillment (vocation), health (physical, mental and spiritual), connections (relationships), and being rewarded and valued (finances).

Your life’s trajectory, where your life is heading, is going to be a weighted average of these guides’ life trajectory… More time with the news? the lower it goes in all