Instant Coherence… a workshop

I’ll do this workshop until I am satisfied that the method the way I teach it works…

We had results across the board: some came away moved to tears, some came away and quit coaching… Why? It brings up what you have been desperately trying to hide.

I’ll do the course and refine it and tweak it and mold it, until it works for every participant. Why? I like challenges, and I definitely finish what I start… lol.
When stuff happens, you go to fear, anxiety, trepidation, anger, frustration… you lose your power. This article is about how to pull back your powers with the correct use of correct language… It is not affirmation, afformations, positive thinking, visualization, etc… those, in my experience, have no real effect, they only have pseudo effect.

Does life behave like a kayak or an automobile?

As I was answering a coaching student’s post on my Reclaim your life program, I had an insight.

The model you use to change your life, to make decision, to live your life is the model of the automobile.

Narrow streets, you make right angle turns, the motive power in the engine obeys your steering.

Life doesn’t work like an automobile. Life is a lot more like kayaking.

The way you adjust your direction is with tiny shifts of your paddle… no big moves are effective.
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Who Were My Teachers in Transformation and Mindset… ?

Well, this could be a real long article, even a book.

I won’t go there! writing a book is way too long for my ADHD personality.

But there is one teacher, who I admire, Colin Wilson (of “Outsider” and “The Mind Parasite” fame, who wrote a book, “The Books In My Life” where he strung about 15 essays into a book, and I learned more from the writers he speaks of than I would have learned, had I read the original books.
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How much do you fancy your hour is worth? And your life?

Value, worth is a very interesting concept. It tells everything anyone needs to know about you.
Commerce, and most interactions are value-exchange-based when healthy.

But who defines what is value and how much?

Before we can go deeply into that, let’s look what you have that is of value…

Some of it is of value to you, some of it is of value to someone else.

You have your time. Instead of doing anything you want with it, some of it you’ll turn into value that you can sell. In exchange of something that you value more or equally as your time
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A spiritual practice that can change all the numbers in your Starting Point Measurements

If you’ve bought into the b.s. that thinking good thoughts, happy thoughts, being non-judgmental is good for you, then your vibration is low, but more importantly, your vibration cannot be raised, unless you let go of this b.s.

Let’s turn this baby on its head: if you bought into the b.s. that your thoughts create your reality, and you need to avoid thinking bad thoughts regarding yourself, the world, the future, other people, because it makes you and your life bad… then there is nothing I can ever do for you, unless you change your mind.

Why? Because you refuse to interact with reality, you refuse to base your actions on reality.
Reality is neither good nor bad, it is what it is.

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