How do you avoid feeling like a victim though it feels true?

How do you avoid feeling like a victim and take responsibility when clearly something was done to you?
Summary: Lifesaving method of taking back your power from anything or anyone, including yourself. It removes judgment, it removes blame, and returns you to living powerfully

I don’t have a lot of opportunities to practice this, but it is clearly needed. When I teach responsibility from the height of ‘I got this handled’ no one seems to be getting it.

So here is my opportunity to teach it from the trenches, as I am going through the struggle myself.

Here is what happened:

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Dilettante, amateur or master — audio blog

transcript, thank you legrande

Still worried. 🙁 Here’s my mitzvah for the day if you want to use it.

(I made slight edits for flow.)


(I’m not used to doing audio blogs. If no one’s listening, it’s hard for the words to come. It’s hard to be silently brilliant but it’s also hard to be brilliant when no one’s listening)

Yesterday I went out to my daily walk. Two doors down from where I live, there is a park where people bring their dogs. I see a dude with two dogs and at some point, the dogs start towards me. One of them–a big one–jumps on me. I lost my balance. I think I tripped on my own leg and started to fall. To break my fall (because I was falling smack towards the curb), I held out my hand which is a no-no for me because I pretty much would rather die than not be able to work.

I broke my hand. I cut

If it is not true everywhere it is not true anywhere

transcription donated by LeGrande, thank you:

It’s 3:30 in the morning. I got up because my arm hurts too bad. This audio blog may be a little sloppy because I don’t have notes or anything. I’m doing it because I can’t really type.

Alright, so I got up and had a cup of coffee. I sat down to prime the pump, to make the thoughts come out more smoothly. Or have something to say. I always read one or two things before I sit down to write, sometimes more. This morning, I read a Tai Lopez email “The One Word Solution to Financial…” or something like that. One word.

Now of course I know marketing well enough to know that it needs to be catchy. If you promise one word, people will read it. If you promise three words, people will read it. If you tell them, that

Will my work, like others’, survive my death? Immortality?

Immortality? Yeah… even before you die…
I have been listening to a lot of audios from Werner Erhard, the founder of the est training (Erhard Seminar Training). Some are as old as 30 years… 40 years… old. Keeping the person who speaks in the foreground of some people’s minds.

The question, as usual, is what is the truth value, is the person who is speaking able to do what they are saying to do, etc? Because it is one thing to be the millionth person to listen to a talk, and quite another being the first person who can see that the emperor is naked.

Often I am hesitant to say it. Often I am dismayed to say it. But somebody has to say it for evolution to happen… instead of pretending that it has happened already.
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