Restarting my water energizing system after the Dark Side event of Labor Day weekend

Like everyone’s water my water lost its vibration completely over Labor Day weekend. Fully energized water is 653 vibration, and the water dropped to 200.

My cell hydration dropped to 10%, and I had no energy, not even to read. It was a worse experience than my stomach bug that put me in bed for five weeks.

But the Dark Side energy let up Monday evening, and Tuesday morning I could consider restarting my system.

So what is a water energizing system?

It’s main components are
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What would it take for you to do what you love for a living?

Many people, including some clients, a nephew and a niece have studied to become CPA’s.

It’s not exciting, it’s not titillating, it is not a dream profession… unless… unless…

If I asked a 100 people how they would finish the sentence, what comes after unless, almost all of them would say: unless you love it.

And to a certain degree they may be right… it is more fun to do a job that you love.

But what does it take to love someone or something?

We live in an age where people expect to be in love with a person to get married… and then 50+ percent falls out of love… and get divorced. The less, most of them stay together for the kids.

And the same trend is winning in choosing a vocation… same or higher “divorce rate”.

So maybe the order of things is messed up: first you get good at the job and then you’ll love it.

Here is an article I swiped

Weight… it’s a weighty issue that is surrounded with a lot of myth, lies, and untruths

I don’t claim to be an expert at weight loss. After all my own weight is somewhat unmanageable, yet, I’d like to contribute to the issue, and maybe make a difference in the process.

My weight history: I was skinny for two long periods in my life: till age 9 and between ages 24 and 41.

The first period was where I had a natural distaste for food that didn’t work for my body. That meant most foods, especially the kind my family ate. I got beaten for not eating what was on my plate, but it didn’t matter to me.

The period ended when my hormones went crazy. That brought on a long period of struggle, eating with my mind, and eating for emotional reasons. Hormones do cause emotional reasons, but as you already know, I was also an unconscious empath… which means everybody’s emotions were my reason to eat, eat, eat.

Then at 24 I started to work as an architect, and wa

Removing the leaks created by your inner habits, your attitude, your “how”

The current humanity, homo sapiens, is ignorant to the 90% of reality, the invisible reality. They are like a bunch of Missourians, the show me state… Building and changing the invisible habits

Most people judge by appearances, overt actions, your voice, your actions. But those cover only the top 10% of who you are.

The remaining 90% is invisible, sometimes even to yourself.

And as with everything in our 10% world, what defines how the 10% “manifests” is the 90%.
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Do you feel that you are locked out of abundance?

Do you feel locked out of abundance? There is a reason…
There are two main ways to be an entrepreneur

One way is to be in love with yourself, with your product, with your process, and push it. Sell it. Promote it.
The second way is to take your eyes off of what you want, of what you need, of what you want them to have, and listen keenly to what they want and need.

But then the question comes: how do you look? how do you listen?
If you look ordinarily, with your eyes… if you listen ordinarily with your ears, you’ll probably be in trouble.
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