Fear. Irrational Fear. How to beat it…

What is the psychological or ontological (being science or the science of being) underpinnings (basis, foundation) of unreasonable, irrational fear we deal with all the time… it makes no sense, there is no real danger, and yet, just the idea of something floods your chest with burning fear. (From the pit of the stomach in a shape of inverted triangle, the other points being the shoulders.)

If you haven’t, please read my article on taking your power back, I am referring to that article, and without reading it first, it won’t make sense what you read. OK?

Let’s look at fear historically: the irrational fear, where you could not see the “enemy,” probably originates with the destructive volcano eruptions, the floods, the darkness, caused by close-flying celestial objects, comets.

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If you are not enjoying it, you are doing it wrong

If you are not enjoying it, you are not doing it right.

This is a principle… and like all the principles, it applies to everything, big or small.

If you don’t enjoy life, you aren’t doing it right.

Oy, that hurts… At least an hour a day, just after I get up in the morning, I don’t enjoy life… so I must be not doing it right.

I am going to look at that…
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Love: Missing. Project: Activate the Capacity To Love (Updated)

According to Anastasia, people born in modern society out of the fleshy passions of their parents and without conscious fathering and mothering while in the womb, born in a hospital: were born into fear and no connection with their parents.

They cannot love.

When I look at people around me, I see proof positive for that. No matter who I am looking at, love isn’t there.

Anastasia’s solution: generations that read the Ringing Cedars of Russia, will be able to follow the behaviors, parents, that will allow their new offspring to be born a Man, a full-fledged human being with access to the knowledge of its forebears.

That is her solution. I wish I could see the majority of humanity

read the books (most of my students even don’t read at all)
understand and appreciate what’s written
put it into practice exactly the way it’s written.

I see that it borders the impossi

Your vocabulary is predictive of your success, happiness, and life enjoyment?

If what we need is a larger vocabulary so we don’t fall into the trap of the mind where everything is the same as everything else, that it makes a lot of sense to start, as soon as you can, building a larger vocabulary.
With every new word a large chunk of the invisible reveals itself… priceless.
Here is the first word:

Jaunty. 1. könnyed and 2. vidám in Hungarian, I have to admit that in the past 37 years since I left Hungary, I haven’t seen anyone being jaunty… Maybe I saw people obnoxiously loud and too much smiling… but jaunty?

Jaunty is having or expressing a lively, cheerful, and self-confident manner, cheerful, cheery, happy, merry, jolly, joyful, gleeful, glad. It is not the forced jolliness of pretense. And it is not the drunken glibness of the party. It is beautiful and it is natural. And I am, occasionally that, but haven’t had a word for it.

When I look a

The myth of “wrong” and its relationship to greed

Summary: As an empath I have access to “stuff” that “normal” humans don’t… like where do you feel greed, or what are the component feelings of greed. What happens when you say “I lay in bed” instead of saying “I lie in bed” etc. This article is specifically about greed and its “mind” component, wrong

When I ask anyone if they are interested in being powerful, producing results, etc. I haven’t found anyone who could honestly say no.

We want to be effective in life, after all when you are not effective, then you are either a nincompoop or a wretch or both.

At the same time we say that, we are unaware that our favorite way of “empowering” ourselves leads to the exact opposite.

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