Love: are gurus loving? Did the Buddha really smile?

Is what they say about love and high vibration true? Or is love the way it is represented huey?

The following email exchange happened today:

6:09 am:
Paypal: Hello Shortcuts Inc.,

> This email confirms that you have received a donation of$2.00 USD to measure the vibration of X…
10 am:

I have recently requested a measure of my vibration, just wondering when I will get response?

12:44 pm
On 12 January 2014 12:44, Sophie wrote:

your vibration is 120… you hold it in the tip of your stomach

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Do you need faith to have a transformed life?

I am running, again and again, into the same barrier with every group, with every person, their lack of faith.

This is especially true for people who had a religious upbringing.

Religion teaches you to ask your deity to do things for you… and your deity doesn’t.

Whether there is a deity or not is everybody’s guess… but one thing is for sure: no deity has ever done anything for anyone. no matter what anyone says. So no wonder, all the religious folks with rare exception, are disappointed. They asked and asked, and expected, and got nothing.
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Psychotherapy or coaching? What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between psychotherapy and coaching?

I have a client who is in the middle of his divorce. He lives two states away from me, and he is a client for hands-on massage, so he only rarely sees me.

We had a conversation today. He feels somewhat happier than he felt the last time. He’s been seeing a psychotherapist. When I asked him how his divorce was going, he said that it was tough because she was getting nasty.

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Wholistic approach to abundance… what does that mean?

What is wholistic? What does it mean?
You may have noticed, that I am now calling the Effortless Abundance Activator, at least some of the time, the Wholistic Abundance Activator.

Why am I doing that? Why am I suddenly calling the activator wholistic?

Let me give you a little background and history: Of all the complaints people have, the biggest is money. Somehow it seems to people that if they had money, all the other problems could or would disappear.

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What is Abundance, really?

Abundance , the word, is abused in this day and age. It’s been twisted to mean stuff, it’s been twisted to mean plenty. It is twisted as something to come from the outside. It is made to mean something that you can’t have unless you “attract” it.. But the word abundance means fulfilling completely its purpose, its real purpose.

The same dastardly thing was done to the word “good” as well. In the case of good, morality was added, in the case of abundance, stuff was added. Now you are totally screwed, no place to go, and I haven’t even mentioned beautiful…