Did you feel what you felt?

When you think you are an insomniac… or when you are always tired and you suspect your sleep has issues, what “scientists” do is hook you up to “feelers” to see to what degree reality matches your experience.

I have heard of people who have sleep apnea and wake up hundreds of times a night, just enough to start breathing again. Their consciousness records it… but their conscious awareness doesn’t

Consciousness and conscious awareness are not the same. Not even close.

In fact consciousness is not related to conscious awareness… it would be more appropriate to call it The observer, or The Witness.

How would you know?

Now that enough of you are using the consciousness wakeup audio, the Big Bundle (stupid name, isn’t it?) and consciousness instruct your unconscious awareness, whatever that is, to do repairs… do you actually know about any of it?

If you do, then y

Your fixed emotional response to anything and everything is the source of all your suffering

You probably haven’t realized that you have a fixed emotional response/reaction to everything.

I identified it a few years ago. I only realized that it is everywhere just this morning… Why not before? Because to identify it, one needs a self-awareness number higher than 30%.

Is that possible for a homo sapiens? I doubt it.

OK, what is mine? It is what I call “personally offended”. The lips slightly protruding an a pout, and the corner of the mouth turned down.

What is the age of this “mood”, or this emotion? I’d say 3 years old.
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