When something changes… what made it change?

What makes the difference? When something starts to work: what made it suddenly work? Do you know? Chances are: you don’t. And neither do so-called scientists. It is a guess… the guess that makes them seem right. We are wrong 99% of the time. Why?

We do the same thing when something doesn’t work. We guess why… and we are wrong 99% of the time. Why?
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From the limited perspective of the human mind…

From the limited perspective of the human mind…

This has been one of the most valuable phrases I have ever used… (I learned it from Robert Scheinfeld 23 years ago… I have been at this for a long long time)

Currently, as I play the Big Bundle energy straight into my ear, I have been going foggy, dizzy, nauseous, blanked out… with some regularity.
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Energy healing: how does the Big Bundle energy know what to do?

If you have been reading my articles… daily, for at least a month, you know that I have been working on extending my life by repairing in my body what has gone wrong. In the case of my body: everything has gone wrong.

For the past two years or so I had been declining to the inevitable conclusion about six weeks ago, that I was dying.

I still feel twinges of self-pity and sadness as I am writing this, even though in the past 32 days my health has dramatically turned around.

The main cause of the turnaround is an energy. The secondary cause is a very stringent diet decided moment to moment…

The energy is a knockoff of an energy healer’s “product” plus two other energies. Why three energies packaged in one audio? So it cannot be attacked by the Dark Side. What is the Dark Side? It’s people. Do I know who? It’s about three billion people… so no, I don’t know them.


Unwillingness masquerading as confusion, fear, and a host of other “symptoms”

I don’t wanna…! You can’t make me… Nooo!

We expect these reactions from children, but more than 50% of all soul corrections’ foundational issue is this unwillingness, this resistance.

If you remember, all soul corrections are, fundamentally, about restricting desire for the self alone (evil, negative energy).

Obviously, this resistance, this unwillingness is about you, and not something beyond you… What you are gaining from this behavior is only for you, and not for anyone else’s sake, and it serves only your lowest self… not anything else.

So we can say, safely, that it is one of the major enemies of you, personally, and us, humanity, become better, higher, a humanity of human beings… who don’t kill each other, don’t hate each other, who don’t use each other.

And because this unwillingness feels innocent, or it feels like procrastination, or it feels t

Why you should breathe deeply… or else…

I am going to report here about my “Return to Health” journey…

Whatever I am going through applies to a lot of people… Or said differently: you’ll find value in my sharing, so don’t say you don’t need it…

Obviously, how you do anything is how you do everything.

Most people are spot-cleaners.

Their lives are sh*t. Their thinking, their work, their habits are all sh*t.

And then something bad happens… and they look, frantically, for a fix.

They never change their ways… at least I have NEVER seen a person change their ways.

Because how you do anything is how you do everything… this is a principle! Don’t ignore it! Because of this principle, we know that you live your life doing spot cleaning…

Here is what i wrote three years ago:
“We all want to add something to what we already do… something that would magically tran