Whatever you want to do, you can do it better with intention

Whatever you want to do, you can do better with intention

Sounds like an advertising, and maybe it is.

An emasculated, disempowered human, of course, can’t even fathom that they are ‘created’ powerful.

When I ask people in my circles if they feel powerful… they don’t.
Powerful means: able to make things happen.

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What is the Playground coaching program? Why is it special? It is really a mastery course

The Playground is a one of a kind program, the like of which I have never experienced. We should call it Mastery Course…

We have seen that the main issue that holds humans back from becoming Human Beings is delusions.

Delusion is misjudging what is real and what is not.

Unless you know what is real, all your actions are going to be misdirected, and it’s a miracle if anything every get done well around you, if you ever go to places.

Although the level of delusions becomes less as your vibration rises, the cause and effect relationship is reverse: as you see delusions for what they are, and reality for what it is, your vibration can begin to rise, and rise and rise.

In the Playground you get to practice telling apart reality and delusion, under strict guidance. The only rule for the program is to listen to the guidance. I will create as many displays of the ways to tell those two apart: reality and illusion, so is becomes easier and easier.

A Personal Confession From Sophie: I Am In This With You… We Are In This Together!

A personal confession from Sophie: I am in this with you… we are in this together!

I’ve been happy for no reason for a few days now. I have the glow about me that I can only compare to the glow of people being in love. I even caught myself wanting to call a person that I normally get irritated by… and ask them out for coffee… No reason, just because I am so happy.

Most “gurus” aka teachers teach from their head.

I have an ex-teacher of mine who teaches internet marketing. They have a whole system. Their students pay over six thousand dollars a year to learn their system.

They have no successful students. Not one. Why? because they don’t teach what they do. In fact they don’t do any of the things they teach. None of the things that make them money are even remotely related to what they teach. None of the mindset stuff they teach actually does…

They hope that what they

Hope: public enemy. Ego’s way to keep you waiting

You have hopes, aspirations, you have dreams. Some have been around and with you since you were a little kid.

You keep them close to your vest, because without hope what have you? If you lost your hopes, you would have nothing, you feel… so you keep them close to your vest, you are protective of them.


If you took hope out, instead of hoping, you would, probably, have a sudden clarity about the fact that what you are doing and not doing are not in concert, not in harmony with your aspirations.

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How To Be A Sacred Lotus: Stay On The Path And Are Happy?

How to be a sacred Lotus, untouched by the rain, the suffering of others, the noise of others: what’s the secret of people that stay on the path and are happy?

What is the reason you are pulled into everything, that you are trying to help everyone, that you are a do-gooder?

I could have written this article about argumentative people, self-justifying people, people asking everyone to help them, angry people, etc. I just chose to write about do-gooders because it looks good… to you, but it kills you and your life exactly as all the other ways… OK?

When I ask people why they go out of their way to help people, they always have an answer. “I am good, I like people, I like to help.”

But the truth is deeper and uglier than that.

Selfless means just that. You have no self. You have no center. You are empty inside. You have no home to come home to.