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Dr. Edward Bach was a British physician at the first third of the 20th Century.
Based on the principles of homeopathy, where a minute energetic sample of the symptom of a disease eliminates the disease, he found 38 plants, flowers, shrubs and trees, that have all the range of human foibles, character flaws, and negative attitudes.

He created a water based essence of each and diluted it. They work famously, but given that the carrier of the energy is physical, when the different essences are mixed, the result nix each other out.

Source has duplicated the energies of these essences. These are what we call Bach Energies. They work as well as the essences and do not nix each other out.

These can be used individually or in any combination, they can be infused in water based carrier, and other items as well. Amazing and very fast results
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What will happen when the new healing modality and the self-improvement, behavior improvement, mood improvement, life improvement method gets out and big?

What will happen when the new healing modality and the self-improvement, behavior improvement, mood improvement, life improvement method gets out and big?

Will it get squashed? Will I get crucified? Burned at the stake?

What will all the injured parties do?

Who are the injured parties, you ask?

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Depression: could it be caused or perpetuated by your sleep habits?

Summary: when you declare that the state that you are in is depression, a loss of aliveness, a loss of piss and vinegar, then you suddenly have access to a power that you didn’t when you were just experiencing the exact same symptoms, without a label. This article is about what to do after the declaration

When life loses its taste

When sleeping tastes better than life

When you are not starting a project or stopping one you are in the middle of because you can’t see your way through it or because you don’t see that it can win

When you’d rather do menial stuff or watch movies

When you are obsessed with your sleep

Then you are, most likely, depressed.

Depression can be so low grade that most people would say it’s normal. Like with everything, you need a control, something to compare yourself with.

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the mind cannot understand this concept “beingness, because the mind is a verbal machine.

Beingness is non-verbal, though you can talk about it, explain it. But the source of it, the essence of it is non-verbal.

Beingness belongs to the dominion of the sacred… and humans can’t achieve beingness as long as they listen to the mind and the emotions as themselves.

Avatar State Audios influence beingness in the particular direction the name of the audio suggests.
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No guts, no glory… is that even a principle?

And whatever that glorious future you dream about, no matter which side of the great divide you are on, that glorious future is a stillborn. That is, unless you have the guts to go for it, and go for it with gusto.

And, because it is a principle… as every true principle, it is true everywhere.

Timid souls, careful souls, cautious souls’ good ideas die on the vine.

What really puzzles me, though, why is it that people who are on the side of genocide, racism, suppression, violence, world dominance…
Why aren’t those people who are on the wrong side of the law, why aren’t they timid?
Because they aren’t.

People who hate me have the guts to write to me and tell me. Tell me what a piece of excrement I am… egotist, judgmental, whatever they call me. They yell. Not timid at all.

On the other hand, my students whose life is slowly brightening, who finally find