Soul evolution by Barry McGuiness

Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable as unique individual expressions of All That Is. It is a long journey, but that’s okay because the soul is eternal. Soul Evolution The soul’s journey is really a process of evolving. This means growing in consciousness, steadily progressing through different levels or stages of […]

The Newest Mind Movies Product

The central idea of the Mind Movies Matrix is to provide you with a cutting edge, multi-sensory method to manifesting by BLENDING the powerful visuals and subconscious programming of visualization … With the DEEP internal tuning of brainwave entrainment that puts you in a peak state for personal transformation. The pillar of that being the […]

if you feel especially bad today…

If you feel especially bad today, please know that the feelings are not yours. The Dark Side transmission is 10 times stronger today than at any point in the past week: the broadcast is anxiety, fear, and misery… and your reaction to it is tight shoulders, tight neck muscles, headache, overeating, and frequent sighing… If […]