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I’ll be 67 next week, so being well, getting better is a frequent thought. Working on myself is an activity I don’t find pleasure in… but luckily, as an empath, my hands on healing modality is healing by proxy, so when I work on a client I work on myself as well.

One of the things I seem to need regularly is liver flushing. Why? I don’t know, I don’t care, I only car that it gets done. But, and it is strange to me too, all the energies get stronger when there are recipients, so cleansing my own liver takes a lot more effort, than cleansing someone else’s and get my own done in the process.

So I strive to have at least one steady client at any one time, even if it is not a paid client.

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Homing Device. Psychic Attacks, The Drama Unfolds: the Water Mystery Solved

I have been drinking energized water since 1996. It has made a huge difference in my health. I could say that my well-being increased 200-300%, or said another way, my malaise has decreased by more than half.

A year or so ago the supplier of the energized water products went bankrupt and I started to wish I could, somehow either acquire the patent to produce the water or maybe, by some miracle, be given the method.

My desire was fulfilled this year and I have been able to provide energized water products for a fraction of the cost I used to pay for them.

At roughly the same time, Tr. of Tr. Wellness came out with his own Tr. Water. It was an instant hit, in spite of its high cost. Lots of people want to be well, want to be pretty, want to feel energized.

Around May 6 I asked for Source to duplicate Tr.’s energy, and Source said: No problem.

I premiered the energy on a May 8

Resistance, avoidance, flexibility… pushing on a string

I have an inquiry to engage in, a puzzle to solve, so instead of doing it in my head, I’ll do it in this article…

The puzzle is resistance. Resistance to guidance, resistance to changing your mind, changing your attitude, changing your behavior, changing where you look from. CHANGE.

To adapt. To using your intelligence. After all, the measure of intelligence is the ability to change.
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Spiritual Millionaire… is that possible?

I just finished a two hour long presentation by one of my teachers, T. Harv Eker.

Now I know why I have been hesitant teaching abundance and making money… why not leave it to someone who is really good at it. And Harv is really good at it.

I took many of his classes, some I took several times.

Did I get rich? No. Why? Partly because I didn’t follow many things he teaches,. and partly because I personally am afraid of having too much money… I am afraid that it will take me off the path.

But the stuff is good and it is on the path to truth, even if the individual pieces may not be quite the truth. But there is literally no one out there who doesn’t mix bs with truth… I may be one, but I am not very successful with money so it is hard for me to see that I can teach it, even though abundance, which is not the same as a lot of money, I am really good at


Soul Correction: ENOUGH IS NEVER ENOUGH aka the settler for less, the procrastinator

ENOUGH IS NEVER ENOUGH aka the settler for less, the procrastinator

How many things, once important to you in your lives, have you lost? It could be a friendship that faded away or a job you once had. Maybe it was an ex who you ended things with on a sour note or a family member to whom you never fully expressed your love or gratitude.

In looking at the things in your life you have lost, you should ask yourself: Did I reveal the most amount of Light I could have there?

Unfortunately, the answer is often no.

There is a reason everything in your life comes to you and it is always the same reason: To reveal as much Light as possible there and attain fulfillment.

What you really lost wasn’t just the person or the job or the relationship. You missed the opportunity to reveal Light.

The problem is you believe you have an endless resource of those opportunities. You think, ‘If I miss this one, I’ll catch the next.’ But the truth is, sometimes you hadn’t deserved to recei