Anxiety: anxiety is a vague sense of impending doom. The basis of it is fear of the unknown, the unpredictable.

The basis of anxiety is your “default name” the answer to the question: who are you that you are (for you)

Once you get the default name right, you are going to be largely free of anxiety.

I teach the method(s) that work for finding your default name reliably.

One of the courses I teach it on is the Soaring Method, The Brilliance at Will, and the Effortless Abundance Course. Find them on my site.

In addition to learning courses, you can start using my harmonize audio and the Heaven on Earth energy bundle in a bottle… they both will work on the cause of the anxiety, not on the anxiety itself.

One of the currently available course is the Soul Correction Workshop. It is a low-intensity course to produce unprecedented results: return you to the You who you really are. No anxiety, because there are no lies.
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Vibrational Review: Ann Taylor Healer: is she a fraud? The 3-card Monte of Ann Taylor: watch my left while I pick your pocket with my right

Ann Taylor healer, founder of Inner Healing, Inc., is an internationally-known energy healer and teacher. Personal Vibration: 250. Truth value of her teaching: 200; clientele: under 100.

Her world view is faulty, so even if she mixes truth into her fast talk.

Ann Taylor healer, oh my.

Let me measure your vibration?Click on the link to request a vibrational reading…The Map of Consciousness will show you what it means.
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When something isn’t working, doing more of it is not the answer

Summary: In my search for finding transformational methods, I have come to the startling realization that everyone I know in the business of transformation is doing the wrong thing, teaching the wrong thing, and thus helping the Dark Side.
In one of the episodes of the House MD TV series, Dr. House has a patient who is dying. After a lot of tests they find out that the patient’s father gave his son a graduation gift from his scrap metal yard.

The son honored the loving father by keeping the gift on his person all the time.

The gift, a highly radioactive piece of metal, kills him, and maims his friend who was exposed to the radioactivity on a long flight when he sit next to him.

Why am I telling you this story?
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Attunement is like entrainment, except that it is a permanent change in your makeup, even changes your DNA.

It is much like using a tuning fork: the sound can shatter a drinking glass, a mirror, if the vibration of the drinking glass or the mirror are close to the vibration of the sound of the tuning fork.

Spiritual masters have been attempting to attune their disciples by satsang, which is a passive mode of attunement. The results have been dismal.

In my “implanting” version of attunement I am using strong Source Energies, that are able to bridge larger gaps in vibration, so the results will be better than dismal… i.e. there will be at least a few people that attain to the energy, attain to the higher vibration.

I will make this entry a growing one, so far I have distinguished divinity, caring, and feeling loved as missing from the blueprint of humanity.
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The filter of expectation… what should be there but isn’t

I woke up unhappy. I woke up from a dream where I was framed and was struggling for my life.

Even though waking up freed me from the struggle, the unhappy state hung out for a few minutes after awakening.

I went to bed last night, and didn’t fall asleep for two and a half hours. I wasn’t unhappy then… Instead I was musing. About worlds. About humanity. And about history and alternate history. I was fascinated and enjoyed it.
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