How visualization can help, but you need to know what to visualize

In my previous post I stumbled on something I myself didn’t know: how to use visualization that is not woo-woo.

This discovery shows something really interesting, and maybe important.

A number of years ago I bought some programs from the Maxwell Maltz and the Psycho-Cybernetics foundation(?)

I read the books, and they made sense. And yet: I wasn’t ready to do any of the exercises in the programs. Why? Well, let us look.

Psycho-Cybernetics talks about improving your self-image, and most of the exercises are about that. For anyone to be willing to invest the time and energy to do the exercises, one must see that they have a self-image problem (I did not see that) and also must see what are the actions that one can’t or won’t do, because it is so new, or scary, or complicated.

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