New topic: how to be able to have sex till you die

It’s Tuesday, my “errand” day. I found myself in a great mood today. In fact I’ve been in a great mood for a few days now. Maybe because I am sleeping better since I changed my diet.

Either way, I was observing a guy standing around in a product isle, just looking at stuff. I joked around, and we started to talk.

Turns out that he is Slovakian, and his mother cooked Hungarian… great topic, by the way. You want to talk to someone: food is a good topic… lol.

Emboldened by the conversation I asked if he eats breakfast. “No, no time,” he said. “That’s why you have this big belly” I pointed at the barrel size midsection of this guy. Yeah, he said. “My mother says that I should chase after young women” he said laughing, but if I catch them… and he made a face I could not misunderstand.

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