Are you working on your pretend self? Trying to make it better? Read this article for clues…

I have students at all different stages of their personal paths.

I, as a coach, can do only so much. I answer their posts, and then I write my articles. And the rest happens where I am not. Inside them, in their interaction with people, in their interaction with stuff.

This is the hardest part.

My soul correction is Forget Thyself… meaning I want to be personally causing stuff… I did it, Me, Mine. Talking over people, having no patience for people doing things the “wrong way”.

I have been gaining ground in my soul correction, but it is still wicked difficult. Especially when someone has a good result that has nothing to do with me… lol.

So my first reaction to a student breakthrough is feeling let down… I didn’t do it… lol.

This is what happened this morning.

A student of mine had a glimpse, a momentary clarity of who and how he really is… His real self…

Here is what he wrote:
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