You have abilities, you have power. You can use it… Guess how much of your power you use?

You have some capacities. Capacities are potentials… Abilities are actualities.

You can activate capacities, you can use them and turn them into epigenetic shifts: abilities, that can be inherited…

The more abilities you have the more power you have.

Power is what it takes to say A and make it happen. Not over some people, but over yourself, over matter.

The way you live, the number of challenges you set for yourself will tell you how much of the power you have you actually use…

Recently I discovered about myself that I want someone to hold my hand to do the things I am not sure how to do. Like in first grade the teacher drew the letters using my hand. But I realized that unless I do it myself, I never learn.

I also realized that I actually know how to do the things I wanted to be helped to do, I just didn’t have the self-starter mentality… Once I realized this, I started to do the things I was complaining that I could not do… Very telling.

Guess how much of the power you have that you actually use?

In the fantasy TV series, Heroes, Hiro, the time traveler, says: “If I am too afraid to use my powers, I don’t deserve them.”

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