How can I help you grow? How can I help you raise your vibration?

My business is to teach you and coach you to do what it takes to raise your vibration.

It is very difficult to explain to anyone how to raise their vibration… because your current vibration prevents you from hearing what I say. And yet, my job is to teach you how to raise your vibration.

A few weeks ago I asked all my subscribers to answer a question: “what do you want in your life?”

I intentionally made the question very generic and very general, because some of the subscribers have been my students, and some spent as many as one hour total on the site, so there is a whole range of people with a whole wide range of exposure to my work.

Most of the answers were predictable: people said what they wanted to get or to have or to experience…

A few of the answers were something that told me that the person is willing to work towards that…

And one person was specific enough and also asked for help so I’d like to answer his questions publicly:

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