If you find yourself scared, lost, discouraged, or stuck…

The power of intention

Most people don’t know it because they have never experienced the power of intention, because they don’t know how to get access to intention.

They never intend. They live inside wanting to, needing to, having to, and should… the horizontal plane, the Valley of the Shadow of Death… Fear of death, fear of annihilation.

While intention lives on the vertical plane.

One of the ways your vibration lowers, and your freedom is taken away is to hook you on fear or hate. Or helplessness. Or what I call the rag doll.

In fact hate is fear-based too.

Fear of annihilation.

Everyone gets hooked occasionally, but many are hooked permanently, unless they awaken from the nightmare.

If you find yourself temporarily hooked, there is still hope for you.

This is what this article is about… how to unhook yourself from the horizontal plane.

Unfortunately, of course, intention is part of what the responsibility gene allows you to wield… and responsibility is what separates humanity to powerful and powerless…

Because responsibility is the ability to use the god-abilities.

Is wanting like intention? No, although they FEEL similar.

The difference is under the hood: wanting wants the target, the ‘have’, while intending goes for the process, the doing.

When I observe, deep inside, my rag doll clients, I find that they 1. don’t have the causing capacity on, and they haven’t found a way to experience it, because they only have attention to the ‘having’.

Where attention goes, energy flows, and the energy flows to the having: the results. And mostly to the feeling of having the results.

Sometimes the results are purely having: feeing good about yourself.

But unless you redirect your attention to the doing, you’ll lose energy, you’ll lose interest, and you’ll lose the result.

So it’s a catch 22.

You want the result, you don’t want the process, the doing, you don’t want what belongs to you, and of course you don’t have the result.

So back to intention: why is it that only people who are at least 200 vibration that can muster intention?

It has something to do with intelligence, awareness, being able to tell your ass from a hole in the ground.

Under 200 you can’t.

The world, reality has two kinds of things in it: things that belong to you, and things that don’t.

Unless you can tell the difference, unless you learn to tell the difference, you are shit out of luck.

Not until you manage to raise your vibration to the power-threshold: to 200.

I have never asked this question… so if it goes a little shaky, a little chunky, forgive me, will you?

If you look around, all the people who talk a lot, all the people who talk a lot in their head, talk about what doesn’t belong to them.

And don’t talk about the things that do.

So what belongs to you?

1. what you do and how you do it. It belongs to you. You have a choice about it. To do or not to do. To do it with vigor, or
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