Truth Value

Truth value is a number… a percentage of the truth in what is measured…

I normally use the phrase for a body of knowledge. A book. A course. The whole knowledge or world view of a person, a group, or a culture.

Truth here doesn’t go beyond what the “body of knowledge” represents. So if this body of knowledge does contain pieces of very relevant knowledge, but we don’t know about it, even then this missing knowledge is part of the 100% with which we compare the truth found in the body of knowledge.

There could be a person who knows 100 things, while others know a million. But this person’s knowledge could be 70% truth value. While if everything he knows could be part of everyone’s knowledge, and yet the everyone’s truth value could be as little as 2-3%. A simple math problem…

Often a person consumes knowledge, but mixes in his convictions and beliefs, and dilute the truth value of the original… Let’s say 100% truth goes in, only 3% of truth comes out.

Mainstream’s knowledge is only only 7% truth value
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