I watched the second season of Goliath on Amazon yesterday…

I watched the second season of Goliath on Amazon yesterday.

It was a huge let-down. Not because it was bad, but because it was truthful.

We have been acclimated, we have been trained, to expect that the good will always win. The other people can fight your fight. That there is hope.

There is no hope.

I could have expected that from Billy Bob Thornton, after his Sling blade movie. But I was still jarred awake.

And if I needed to be jarred awake, you doubly, triply need to be jarred awake.

Your understanding of the world, your world view has handed your life, your control, over to others… who use it to enrich themselves.

Your accurate vocabulary is so low partially because you are taught to think positive, you are taught to close your eyes instead of looking at reality.
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