What is enlightenment? Are your gurus, sages, mystics enlightened?

What is enlightenment? Are the gurus, sages, mystics of the day enlightened? If their enlightenment were a sex organ, how much would they have to play with?

Enlightenment is a big word. It is a huge accomplishment.

Enlightenment is a way of being that is unburdened by the mind, the concerns society imposes on you. It is a simple way of being joy, rejoicing with life is the normal.

Just like with many other things in the domain of being, the nature of reality is such, that you can only see the tip of the iceberg of enlightenment.

We see the peacefulness of the person, the smile.

If is hard to tell if a person is peaceful as an act, carefully rehearsed, or the result of coming to peace.

But when I merge with their body, their feelings, their being, I can tell what the thin veneer is hiding: an unpeacefulness, that is often worse than yours.

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