Regrets, shame, guilt… can you love your life while having regrets?

I have been guided, for some five weeks, to see something… It had sadness, it had grief, it had regret… but I didn’t quite know what to look for. So I watched the same movies over and over again, until this morning when I finally saw it.

You see, regret is seeing that certain actions are not reversible. Apologizing for something that you did, doesn’t take you back to innocence, doesn’t restore trust, doesn’t restore love betrayed.

I was trying to find anything to regret in my life. And although I have done a lot of things I’d rather not have on my conscience, I have no regrets.

How come? Because I am almost exactly where I’d like to be. I am at the right place, and I am loving where I am, and the part that I don’t love, I can see that they are temporary and I can get beyond them.

OK, then when why am I guided to these movies of regret and sadness and grief?

Or movies where some bad outcome could be reversed by going back in time and repair it, like in the movie, The Lake House? It is boggling the mind… until this morning, when I discovered…

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