What are you? Beauty, truth or goodness?

I am having an interesting conversation with one of my students.

The philosophy student…

He wants to write his thesis on the Feelings book, but he needs his thesis counselor’s support, maybe even his enthusiasm, or it is going to be a tough road to hoe.

It’s a sales job, or if you are a Landmark Education graduate: and enrollment job.

Enrollment is simple speaking in a way that the other person gets “touched, moved, and inspired” and may even be ready to move in the direction you describe.

You cannot do it if your “about you” score is too high. Because you don’t know what touches, moves, and inspires others. You may not even know what touches, moves and inspires you!

Unless you let yourself be inspired, touched, moved, you are dead my friend.

What touches, moves, inspires you is always from the beyond… beyond what you want. Beyond your self-interest. Beyond your me-myself-and-I. It is beyond what makes sense. It is beyond fear and concern for yourself.
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