Do generic health programs, like the Bulletproof Diet or Wildfit work?

Normally either someone uses these expensive and generic programs or opt to use my individual muscle tested diet for themselves. But it seems I got lucky, and one client first started to do the Bulletproof Diet… and then came to me for his individual food list and eating type.

The client got their Starting Point Measurements, that include their hydration and their health number.

His health was rated at 10%. He ate a vegan diet, which means no animal foods, not even eggs, or milk.

When he shifted to the Bulletproof Diet his health number jumped to 20%.

Encouraged, he asked for a full health consult… That was a few days ago… and now his health number is 30%. The new rise is partially still due to the Bulletproof Diet, and partially the new food list/eating style.

What is the difference between his standard Bulletproof Diet and his individual diet?

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