What results can you expect from a normal truth value course or program?

I have been intensely curious why something with a 7~10% truth value would make a difference for people who read it, study it, practice it, apply it to their lives.

Ultimately we are talking about 90-93% untruth… and yet. People report results… in the testimonials.

If we look, the world at large is a dark, foggy place with hordes of ignorant, mislead, slothful people.

The average truth value of what is known… meaning accurate knowledge about the world, is less than 1%. Truth value is a percentage number that tells to what degree the particular piece of information contains the whole truth, multiplied by the errors and mistaken assumptions, unproven theories, and such.


99% b.s. or lack of knowledge about anything.

So compared to that, a PhD, a medical doctor, a university professor, a Nobel Prize winner, a Billionaire’s 7%-10% truth value is staggering.
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