The Question is: What are you using your life for? Will you, with time, turn out the wrong person? Already have?

I don’t know Roy Williams, other than I have bought and read all his books. I have never gone to Texas to any of his seminars. But Roy Williams speaks for me. Beautifully, poetically, and near-accurately.

Here in this quote from his Monday Morning Memo, he speaks about time, about purpose, about the person you turn out to be.

In most of my programs, including the Soul Correction Workshop , the Activate Divinity Workshop, the Abundance Workshop (that is coming soon), all my Avatar State audios, the Heaven on Earth, etc. do one thing and one thing only: attempt to nudge you to restore your original self, the self that had the capacity for joy, for love, for creation, for immortality.

You are immortal if the you, the real you, doesn’t die with every step you take, with every day at work, with every day you spend with the people you spend your time.

But, of course, that is as rare as one in a billion or so.

But with the work we do here, you can return to that person, and the difference will be only in percentages, not an all or nothing, like it’s now.

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