Dead as a doornail or flying the spirit? choose

If I don’t manage to fly someone else will. The Spirit wants only that there be flying. As to who happens to do it, in that he has only a passing interest. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

I never knew I was competitive… but the first sentence in that quote above is what gave me the impetus I needed to make it my work to fly the spirit. Hell no will I be dead as a doornail… Hell no will I be OK if someone else flies and I don’t… So help me god.

I have two ‘podcasts’ a week. Nowadays podcasts mean, mostly, that someone is invited into the ‘studio’ and the two people talk. People want to be on a podcast because they can promote something to the podcast owner’s audience. For many marketers this is the main way they get new subscribers and buyers.

I only know one person who doesn’t do podcast this way, but even him makes is his only way to get his marketing out… and it’s OK… he sold me on some of his courses too, and I am better for it.

But I don’t sell anything on my podcasts, in fact I actually deliver 70% of all my content on my podcasts.
I deliver all you need 10% in my articles, 20% in my courses, and 70% in my ‘podcasts’.
Why do I deliver disproportionately too much in these inexpensive podcasts? I don’t know. Maybe because the call has no agenda, the other person doesn’t pay for some outcome or result, so I can put all my creative thought, all my ‘brilliance’ in it, and just get it out.

I also get to experiment, to see from what level of my ‘skyscraper’ do I get the best result…

Yesterday’s call was pretty frustrating, and that is good… not for me, but for you.

Frustration means: what I intended was blocked.

And, of course, I needed to feel it. It was unpleasant, but now I know.

I am talking at you… Not to you.

I am doing what I swore I would never do: speak as if you were like me… but you are not like me.
The biggest difference between you and me is our level of inspirability.
Inspiration (in the sense ‘divine guidance’) is the measure to which the spirit is active inside and animating you, making you do things, feel things.
My partner for the podcast has 7% inspirability, and her level of inspiration, during the call, due to our conversation, was 3%…

My level of inspirability is 100%, and my level of inspiration during the call was 70%…

Total mismatch.

So what does this mean in dogsh!t terms? I managed to get rid of a huge trauma from 50 years ago that has been invading my sleep and even my awake life… on the call. On the fly.

I would have paid someone to rid me off it a thousand dollars east. It’s been eating at me, and has been underneath all the anger, violent anger I have felt against some people. So if nothing else had happened, the call was worth to me a thousand bucks.

To my partner: the call was an expenditure, albeit interesting… so the value she got from the call was compensating her for the time she spent… a zero sum total.
The benefit you get out of things you do
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