What does the 99% do that the 1% doesn’t? Bread and circus

Panem et circenses. That is Bread and circuses… in Latin, the language of ancient Rome.

Give the masses bread and circus (entertainment) and they won’t look at what you do on the top. Superficial appeasement.

In order for people to need only 1% of their brain capacity to work, one needs to distract them from activities that use more of that darn brain capacity. Because if the people did use it, the 1% would not be as high as they are… they would have competition. You.

What? Yes.

As I have said before, Wallace D. Wattles in two of his books, but especially in The Science of Getting Rich says things that other ‘new thought’ writers didn’t say. His The Science of Being Well has only one useful thought… the whole book… so its truth value is only 10%. The Science of Getting Rich has a truth value of 70%, and The Science of Being Great has a truth value of 40%.

The thinking stuff part is b.s. It is what the positive thinking attraction people dupe you with. Ignore that at all cost.
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