Is your life, the way you make your money, your living arrangement a good match for you?

I wrote this article seven months ago… and some of the emails I get tell me that people what to stay the same, do different without changing, changing themselves, or changing anything about themselves.

It is not going to work.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but someone has to tell you… reading a book, even taking a course won’t change you… and therefore won’t change anything…

At the end of this article I’ll share one thing that happened in the last day or two, that changed a long time student of mine, at least temporarily… read on…

As I am working on BecomeAnIdeaMachine, this is my second day of this spiritual practice, I notice that I am already looking wider than yesterday.

I am not feeling well, the psychic attack is strong, so I am a tad more intolerant than my usual self.

Intolerance normally manifest in me in distaste…

I thought I’ll check out Bosch, the televised version of my favorite detective… I closed it after two minutes.

But I had an insight that can be really significant for all of us, so let me put it into words here.

Ever since they put out the pilot of the Bosch series, I have seen how important the role of the person who casts the actors in the success of a film or a series.
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