What is the 91% linchpin that keeps your foot nailed to the floor? Can you guess?

My job is a lot like tuning a car… but a car that has 160 adjustable parts… like a human… not so easy…

I love the joke about the guy who brings his car to the mechanic because it doesn’t work properly. The mechanic opens the hood, listens to the motor running, goes to his toolbox, picks out a big hammer and hits the motor, and voila the noise stops.

Then he writes a bill for $500. 500 dollars? cries the customer? for one hit with the hammer? Oh, you want an itemized bill? No problem. says the mechanic, and writes: hit with a hammer: $1. Knowing where to hit: $499.

I am that mechanic.

All the problems are invisible to the naked eye, maybe even to an X-ray machine! So it’s taken me seven years to learn where to hit… $1… learning it, a lifetime of experience and expensive learning: $499.
The sticky part

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