The Tangerine Technique and the Tangerine Method of Connecting to Source

I have posted a video on youtube on the Tangerine Technique, and the very first part, the most essential part of the Tangerine Method of Connecting to Source. If you get this part wrong, you don’t connect. It is really simple.

Now, if you watched the video, you now know that in order to connect to Source, in order to raise your vibration, you need to be able to get into and stay in theta brainwave state.

According to my experience, people continue thinking after they put their attention to their tangerine spot, which means that at best they are in alpha state, at worst they are in beta state. In beta state your mechanical, linear, busy mind is running the show. There is no thinking, only having thoughts, 99% of them repetitive, unproductive, and mostly negative activity, many call self-talk, or internal monologue.

You will need to practice this a lot. The goal is to be able to live in that space. Real creative thinking comes from that deep and slow space of Theta. Real thinking is not busy mind. Real thinking, which most people never do, is a theta mind state phenomenon. You could watch real thinkers, while they are thinking. Not when they talk about thinking: talking about is beta state.


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