Revisited: What is the source of ALL human misery? or The Iceberg That Your Life Is

Like any iceberg, this is a deep topic and you won’t get the bottom of the iceberg rise closer to the top until you melted away enough of the top… The rule is that nine-tenth of the iceberg will always be under the water level. Always.

I have been melting the top of my iceberg for 28 years. It was clear to me that I wasn’t anywhere near the bottom because I still had the option of going into deep depression, despair, that I don’t wish my enemies to experience it’s so horrible.

I was pretty much stuck for most of these 28 years. I heard the same sentences come out of my mouth over and over again: this is how you know you are stuck. But after about a month of using the Harmonize audio, I started to experience movement.

The first “positive”, (in the medical diagnosis sense positive, lol) signs started to emerge when I read Aravind Adiga’s “Last man in tower”. In that book, his best friends kill this old teacher, because he stands in their way of making big money.

I reacted to it with deep despair, wailing, wanting to get off the planet. I knew I was onto something. Instead of suppressing, I started to give it a chance to express itself, fully. I watched movies, I read about the Holocaust (I lost 34 members of my family in that), and then I watched movies again, from the TV show “Lie to me.”

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