What is yours to do? Your ONE THING, right now…

Do what is yours to do… and all will be well.
This is a big question… as if there were some pre-ordained vocation of activity each of us should do.

But I think that it is misleading… and a bad idea to consider.

Everything is done by the WHO you are… and the who is very important in the number of, the kinds of things and how someone does them

So in my humble opinion every person’s number one job, every parent’s number one job is to help the person become more of who they can become.

If I measured on a scale of 1 to 100 where you are in that regard, I probably would be driven out of business… so much hate would come towards me.

Because you are barely on the scale, most of you. And then you ask me an experts, what is yours to do. Use whatever activity you choose to do to become more of who you can become…

One of my coaches came to the same conclusion yesterday… he realized that he had been coasting for ten years, not growing, not moving closer to who he could be.

He was frantic…
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