Adjustable genes leave you unable to change?

Want to change your life but have been unable to change yourself?
your WHO is producing all the WHAT… Unless the WHO changes, nothing will change permanently.

You seem inexorable, unchangeable… and misery is the result.
Warning: this article will need you to read it, not just skimp…
We’ll look at your relationship to reality first, and its effect on intelligence.

The most surprising, mind boggling aspect of intelligence is not what you are capable of. That is not an important measure. But how much of that potential  intelligence you can have available, that is a useful is and important measure and it depends on your own actions.

Looking is an action that connects you to reality.

You can look in four basic ways:

Looking to see,
looking to understand,
looking if you agree or disagree,
looking to be entertained, are four different actions.

Only the first: looking to see is an action that looks in reality.

Looking to understand tries to shape what it looks at such that what it sees fits what is already there… stored in the mind… Tree of Knowledge. Everything that doesn’t fit: it claims it doesn’t understand, but the fact is: it rejects.

Or alternatively you say: I am confused. What you don’t say because is that it doesn’t fit… because if you did, it would be easier to catch that you are trying to fit something into what you have already heard and accepted as fact. Or what you have made up and now protect as the truth.

If you have a vested interest in a particular story, you will never look to see: you are limited to looking the other three ways…

I’ve heard a story of a movie or film that flat-earthers made to prove that the earth is flat.

A person with more up-to-date views of the earth saw an ad where this sentence grabbed his attention: if the earth were spherical (round) then if you climbed on a tall place and looked the horizon would be curved… but it isn’t.

So he said: let me look to see… and he did. He brought fresh eyes to the issue… and concluded whatever he concluded (I don’t remember what… sorry) but if it were me I would look and see if a person can go high enough and if one went high enough, if one would be able to see the curve.

I am looking to see. I am looking to check how high I would have to go, and I am looking if I would actually see the curve in the horizon.
Visual daytime observations show that the minimum altitude at which curvature of the horizon can be detected is at or slightly below 35,000 ft, providing that the field of view is wide (60 degrees ) and nearly cloud free. That is 11 kilometers, higher than the highest peak of the Himalayas.
But if you look, I have accepted that the earth is round, and now, for me, it is Tree of Knowledge, so I am NOT REALLY looking to see… I am looking to confirm.

I have a longtime friend who is certain that Liberals are pedophiles, liberals are the enemy, blah blah blah.

When I ask what do you
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