Heaven and Hell… The bald spot on my head… what makes life hell? or heaven?

How do you know that you are slipping onto the horizontal plane… the plane of the valley of the shadow of death? hell…
It is on the vertical plane where you can say: A is A. Fully accepting reality, resisting none of it. Having no need to hide from it, changing it, wishing it away.

Reality is the way it is. You are a guest to it… and like a guest, you’ll find that it is not the way YOU would run the show… and that is OK. The show goes the way the show goes.

If you add anything, out loud or in your head or in your feelings… then A is not A, and you are not on the vertical. You are on the horizontal plane, where A is not A, where reality’s rules are resisted, and where you can only be unhappy, forcing your will, or resign to never have what you want.

For decades I had thinning hair.

When I looked in the mirror, there was a balding circle on my skull… The size of two of my palms.
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