Your current “core” identity. How to find it, how to build a better one?

I have written in a previous post that I discovered that my hidden identity is “worthless piece of junk = unwanted”. I use the word junk, because this expression is a translation from my native Hungarian. In the original the expression is closer to “nothing” than anything, by the way. But in English, I am afraid, that won’t communicate. “I am nothing”, does it?

From time to time I notice it “informing my mood, informing my actions.”

I found a blog that I enjoy reading. The writer of the blog is intelligent, inventive, and although we have a different base world view (he prays, I don’t) I like his blog a lot. I researched him this morning. All the pictures on his blog are white folks… turns out he is a good looking Black guy from Florida.

Hm. What must be his “core” identity that he won’t show his face on his blog?

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