Distinction: Politician, political

I have been planning to write an article about thinking like a politician.

I have been unable to. I have vague ideas, examples, movies, articles, real life politicians, and yet, no article.

So I got curious: I am not known for writer’s block, I was born to write, I was born to express.

So, I have been walking about my apartment, seemingly aimless, allowing an insight to emerge: what is the reason I am not able to write this article.

I am not able to see the behavior, the mindset from the inside: I am not a politician, neither in occupation, nor in mindset… I am looking from the outside… it is like an ugly bug to me. Most things that I write about are things that I can see myself doing… so maybe that’s what’s missing: seeing it in me, recognizing it, ugly as it may be.

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