The Self-Healing Course: I am getting a lot of questions about it

The first Self-Healing Course is starting on February 5. That’s a Tuesday.

So far the people who signed up are the people who know and trust me: students that have done courses with me. Interesting, especially considering that about half of the regular readers of this site came searching for information on the Healing Codes, and roughly the other half came searching for information on Christie Marie Sheldon. So, I assumed that they were interested in healing… we shall see.

Here is some hype-free information:

1. You need to learn to connect two different ways to be able to use Source Energies to heal. This training alone is worth the price. Why? Because anything that you do while connected, actually starts to work. Theta Healing, The Healing Codes, Reiki… add your own favorite healing modality here. Even chiropractors do ten times better work if they connect while they do their job.

I write faster and better articles or copy. I cook better meals. I coach a lot more effectively.

I hear that sex is incomparably better while connected… I have not tried that, sorry. You have to believe the hearsay…

You cannot muscle-test and trust your results unless you are connected while doing the muscle testing.

Enough reasons for learning to connect?


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