More Water Energizer Reviews… more are on the way

Awesome, matchless taste! When you drink it, the water slides down the throat easily and leaves a sweetish after-taste in the mouth. And you want more and more of it… My husband tasted it too and said: It’s pure water!

Also, I feel light, tiny tingling along my spine and in the fingertips each time I drink it. I used it for everything: tea, coffee, soup, washing the vegetables, even for rinsing my hair – it gets nice shine. Did an experiment with a cabbage: I cut slightly its root, put it in a zip-lock bag, poured some of the energized water on it, put it in the fridge and after a while it became more crispy and less stringy…

Great work, teacher!

Thank you,
Matsa, Serbia (Eastern Europe)

PS: I put the Water Energizer audio on a small mp3 player that has a shuffle/repeat function, this is Eclipse, much like the ipod shuffle, just cheaper. This way I don’t have to use my pc.

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