Principles in raising your vibration: consistency, slow and steady

This article breaks an American myth that good things come to you fast… they don’t. Everything worth having needs to be built… Everything that comes fast is JUNK… temporary, a flash in the pan, not worth having… like a quick fix, like a quick closure now… Raising your vibration is not a quick closure.

In the science of raising your vibration, one of the most important rules is: consistency.

A client of mine, a self-made multimillionaire with a 6th-grade education says: his secret of success is consistency, slow and steady.

One of the biggest complaints I have about Americans is that they don’t speak their language well. They use vague conceptual words, that mean nothing, they are just sound-bites.

Of course this is not strictly your fault: if you breathe bad air you become like the air you breathe. If you are in a hypnotic semi-conscious state all the time, all the sound-bites of your environment get recorded, undigested, unchecked in your mind.

Some words, like consistency, don’t even get heard. Consistency? Oh, I know what it is… but when I ask people to practice consistency, they have no clue as to what to do.

I am different. English is not my mother tongue: I had to learn every word, use it in sentences, spelling… many thousands. But in spite of the millionaire friend/client, I got consistency, truly, yesterday.

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